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Transcript Request

When applying to colleges your senior year, it is very important that you follow the directions to add your colleges to Naviance and request your transcripts to be sent to the colleges you apply to. Transcripts will not be sent if you do not follow these directions!

College Tab

Colleges I am applying to:

If you are applying to a Common App School please link up your Common App account and make sure that you sign the FERPA release.

  • Click on the little blue link that says, "add schools to my list"
  • Add schools (you can look them up or look at the top right hand corner to see our instate schools).
  • Make sure you click on "Request Transcripts" when you are adding your schools
  • That is it!!! Transcripts are sent out every Friday through out the year and you will be able to see when they are sent on Naviance.